We are excited to announce the upcomming Codi Talent Expo, showcasing the innovative talent of our community!

What makes Codi stand out?

Since 2017, Codi has focused on changing lives through accessible, transformative education in coding and digital skills, aiming at employment for the most vulnerable. Our mission is to foster inclusion and catalyse career opportunities through active learning, making quality education open to everyone. This approach not only teaches technical skills but also develops autonomous thinking and problem-solving abilities, encouraging continuous self-learning and effective communication, all while driving economic growth and social change.

Leading the way in web development education!

Our mentees engage in active, hands-on learning, reflecting tech industry realities. This nurtures technical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving, aiming to develop agile developers, not just coders, for meaningful tech contributions.

Project-based learning

Mentees at Codi participate in hands-on, real-world projects, applying their coding and web development learning in practical scenarios that accurately mirror the current technological landscape, enhancing their employability in the tech industry.

Industry-driven content

Our curriculum offers practical content meticulously designed to align with current industry needs, ensuring the knowledge our students gain is immediately applicable, enhancing their skills and readiness for the rapidly evolving tech industry landscape.

Diverse market insights

Our comprehensive curriculum is enriched with diverse perspectives spanning the entire tech spectrum, from junior developers to CTOs. This approach offers students a broad understanding of the industry, preparing them for a variety of roles.

Hands-on approach

Our active learning approach focuses on hands-on, project-based tasks, promoting technical skills, critical thinking, continuous learning, and problem-solving abilities, aiming to develop versatile developers ready for meaningful contributions to the tech community.

Codi core full-stack web development programme

The Core programme is Codi’s flagship offering, a full-stack web development course that goes beyond code to cultivate leaders, thinkers, and community leaders. With a hands-on, project-based approach, we prepare students for the real-world demands of the tech industry.

307 Codi Core alums 30% women 20% refugees 17-47 years old

85% employed - Increase from 30% pre-Codi 64% with full-time contracts

Av. monthly salary $1,110+ USD ($5-100 USD pre-Codi)

91% working in Lebanon 40% remote across 16 countries

80% paid in USD (<2% pre-Codi)

55% have NO prior coding experience

What do our alums say?

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