Codi + CodeBrave session - July 2019

On Friday the 26th of July, the current Codi cohort hosted a workshop for 8 CodeBrave children. 

CodeBrave, a partner of Codi, teaches coding and robotics to Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese adolescents living in care. They work specifically with children who have been affected by conflict, abandonment and poverty.

This Codi workshop was catered towards introducing children to web development through a series of fun exercises. The day started with an ice breaker activity which got our girls and boys energized and ready to start coding! Maya, a current Codi champion explains more below:-

"We spent an enthusiastic and happy day with some CodeBrave kids (aged 6-13 years old) here at Codi. Sharing our coding experience with them was amazing and we created together an interactive story through learning how to think about a story and through this, the kids learnt how to create their own website using html and css." 

Quotes from the CodeBrave children:-

"The people were nice to us" <3

"I loved working in their nice classroom. It was peaceful."

"I really liked working with one person" (I.e. one Codi student)

"I had fun!"

Facebook: @codebrave

Twitter: @code_brave

LinkedIn: CodeBrave

Instagram: @codebrave


We can’t wait to organise another session, if you know of anyone looking to collaborate in any way, please get in touch through our website :).