Codi cohort #4 Graduation Day

BY OMAR M (Codi Alumni (B04))

“Lights, Camera. Action!”, it wasn’t just a show we were preparing for at that time... but something greater.

Six months ago, I embarked on an adventure that set my future in stone. Was it a mistake? Never.

The journey ended with a blink of an eye. We laughed, cried, smiled and frowned. However above all, we joined a family, Codi was more than a boot-camp, it was home.

Alas! Just like how birds fly and leave their nest, the day when we were to take flight had finally come.

1 week before our graduation ceremony was very intense but also disenchanting; To know I wouldn’t be waking up every day and attending Codi, left a gap in my heart. Nevertheless, the bond and the knowledge we absorbed shall be our forever lasting memories of Codi.

November 21st, the culmination of our journey struck us. We had to be at Beirut Digital District Building 1280 at 9am sharp, truth be told most of us were eager and were there much earlier than planned.

Our presentation room was grand and intimidating. Just seeing the large projector screen was nerve-wracking. Half an hour passed, and the Codi staff were complete and ready for business. Samar, our Lead Trainer supervising the practice we were doing. Gaby, our Mentor ensuring all the videos of our demos working and Laura, our Head of Communications ensuring our slides were in order and ready to go.

The time was ticking faster than a bomb. We barely had time left to do more practice before people started coming in and we all felt more and more nervous, before gathering in for a final group photo.

The clock struck 11, time to get the show started. Everyone did a great job and the ideas available were amazing. Some ideas we had in order were a Recycling App, Planting Educational Website, CV Generator, Car Services Website, Selling Aquariums Website, Social Media for Designers and many more ideas that would help revolutionize our society.

Our showcase ended with loud cheering’s. We were able to stand in front of people, feeling proud while presenting the products we worked hard on and all in English!! After the storm passed, we all socialized and even met some Codi Alumni that were cheering us on amongst the crowd. Some time passed mingling with the crowd and the time came. We never thought a paper could change your status, but it did. The Codi certificate we received meant we're officially ready for the job market! We're enthusiastic graduates and thirsty for more knowledge!

In the end, Codi will forever be a huge accomplishment in our lives. I am grateful for the time I spent there, learning, making friends and above all coding. Believe me, when I say Codi holds a key to a brighter future. If you ever joined Codi just know this "Google is your friend, but Codi is your family". With Codi, code your future.