Codi's Cohort 4 Final Projects

Here is a short summary from each of our recent graduates describing their final project ideas. Each student spends their last month at Codi building a final project which they get graded on and then present at the Codi graduation ceremony.

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My project is called Footclick. It’s a website specifically designed for football reservations. I chose to do this because I want every football fan to understand the core of the whole football experience and be able to make the right decisions from the moment he chooses his team to the moment he reserves a stadium. This solves several problems including: connecting to a wide range of goalkeepers, being able to play whenever you want by creating a large network of players, and building your team’s chemistry by choosing the type of players you need or prefer. How it works is that if you are a host, you can create a team and ask for a certain type of player and when the team’s capacity is fulfilled, you can challenge other teams. A platform that gives you the options, you choose the strategy, and the match’s result is the measure of success!

Developed by: 
Raed El Naboulsi


From now on, there is no need to waste your time searching for something specific you need or want to buy, thanks to my app. All you need to do is choose a category, take a photo of the item and post it in XLO. Then users and sellers will comment and let you know where you can find it. You can also chat with sellers to find out more information and interact with each other by ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. My app is simple and very easy to use. Choose a category that your item belongs in, too.

Developed by: 
Amani Haki


Treasures pass down from one generation to another acting as heirlooms. What our ancestors left behind wasn’t gold, silver, platinum or antiques. They left behind something worthy of value that we call upon “Nature”.

Alas! That heirloom was cursed by our neglections, thus some turned even into ashes.

My project is called Plantium. A free utopian website aimed at rebuilding the society and bringing mother nature back. As an activist, seeing how we’re slowly trying to extinct ourselves is a mockery but also an injustice. Therefore, that’s how Plantium was born.
Don’t know how to plant? No problem we got you covered. Don’t know where to start? No problem, our group events will guide you. There is no excuse to get started so if not now then when?

Developed by: 
Omar Mohammad


My final project I worked on at Codi was called Bevi. I created Bevi to provide a neat search interface for users to be capable of searching for Lebanese-tech related companies with ease and not having the struggle of finding what the user needs. I want to help anyone from University graduates, job seekers etc to search and gain more information about the tech companies so they can gain the upper hand for finding a suitable job. From this, I developed Bevi, which searches through hundreds of tech companies to find Lebanon-only companies through LinkedIn. It collects their public data and then displays this data on Bevi with a well-kept interface for the users to benefit and enjoy.

Developed by: 
William AbouSharaf


Have you ever owned an aquarium or are you planning on getting one? If so, you’ve found the right source. When I was browsing the web for online aquarium and fish stores, I came across some Facebook pages for local brick and mortar shops, but none of them had an established online shop. I found some general online pet stores but none of them were specialized in aquatics and more importantly, they didn’t offer what I was looking for. So I told myself: Why don’t I build a local specialized online store to solve this problem! So I did.

Introducing to you Aquaria, shopping just became easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Aquaria is your all-in-one online shop for aquatics, we provide everything your aquatic pet needs, from fresh and salt water fish to aquatic plants or even decorations that your aquarium might need, all online whilst you are sat at home!

Developed by: 
Hovig K. Kevorkian


Imagine a world without money. Imagine if you could exchange a product or service for something else. Well, this is called barter-trade and it happened for thousands of years between people until we created money. I am changing that! I am bringing barter-trade back to life. Introducing “PING-PONG”, the marketplace which matches people together and lets them exchange whatever you have to offer for whatever you desire.

We all have things we don’t need or use anymore. We all have experiences to share. We all need to buy things we want but sometimes can’t afford, or we don’t want to share our personal or financial info. My idea is to build a user-friendly exchanging website for all ages that displays different services from products, through people registering and sharing what they have or what they can offer as well as they can socialize through the built-in chat app. PING-PONG is made for people of all ages, it doesn’t require any personal information and it’s free. PING-PONG’s purpose is to be the first online exchange community where people can match what they have to offer without the need of money or sharing payment details.

Developed by: 
Maya Dihny


In order to shorten the amount of time and the pressures and requirements of work and many other reasons, needed for us to find a language teacher at any time we want and wherever we want without being bound by a specific time in an Institute to learn a specific language… Any language in fact! Most of the time it is very difficult to match a specific language teacher with a student who is flexible for times and place, however in the world of technology and apps, nothing is difficult. From this came my project idea ‘LangTutor”. LangTutor finds and connects students everywhere to professional and specified language teachers.

Developed by: 
Salam Melhem

DT Parking

My project is called DT Parking App, I decided to do this because I noticed here in Lebanon traffic jams are a big problem due to the huge number of vehicles, chaotic driving, double parking and the very bad quality of the roads. So to solve this problem I had a great idea, to develop an application which makes the process of finding a parking spot and reserving it much easier, faster and stress-free. DT Parking app is unique because it reduces valet parking staff and double parking spots, it also allows renewable parking spot times, many pay methods, and it is secured with a CCTV system. It is very easy to use, you just have to sign up, then you will see a map and you can select which parking spot you want to reserve. You will see all the different details for each parking spot like price, period of reservation, capacity and availability. After the selection you proceed to the payment window, where you get given a digital ticket which includes a ticket number and the period of time reservation. You should show this to the employee when you enter and exit the parking.

Developed by: 
Mohammad Zaher

Fairy Trail

My project is called Fairy Trail and it’s a hiking app. I chose to do this because I always used to lose the trail when I was hiking. Also I always used to end up asking lots of people for nice hiking trails so instead, I decided to create a mobile app to help me with this problem. Fairy Trail solves the problem of finding a hiking trail, my app uses mobile GPS and records a trail which you can then share with others. How it works is you open the app, then choose either to record a new trail or select an existing trail then follow it using GPS. Simple and user friendly solution that serves it’s purpose seamlessly.

Developed by: 
Ashraf el Jurdi


How many times has your car malfunctioned? You might never know when or where you’re going to have a breakdown. Helpyou on the road was developed with the aim of providing emergency roadside assistance services round the clock to ensure a pleasurable and uninterrupted journey virtually anywhere. My website helps you to find your nearby service centers as well as new tires, towing, mechanical service, fuel supply, jump start etc. Through our integrated map system, you do not need to call anyone or make multiple calls just to get someone to help you. Just start a chat with us through our website and we will immediately act to assist you. With Helpyou, you drive and we save!

Developed by: 
Maissaa Shams

Tech Commerce

Our world is developing day by day and our everyday lives have become easier – and technology is behind this easier life. It lets us control everything in the easiest way. From that it became one of the most important sources that human beings use. I named my project Tech_commerce which is a combination of technology and commercial to make people have anything that relates to technology in the easiest way and at the lowest cost, so that everyone can have a technology device and if they ever want to sell it, they could buy another one. To do this, he can just take a photo for the device, put it on Tech_commerce with its cost and the address. This way if someone wants to buy the device for a low price, they can go on my app and find out all the specifications of that specific device and then buy it for a cheap price as well.

Developed by: 
Mohammah Barakat


My project was called “Belancelb”, I chose to do this because I noticed in Lebanon that advertising is a big part of daily life, and we are surrounded by it everywhere we go. However with every well-known advert we see, do we ever ask ourselves who designed it?
So here we have a big problem, the Lebanese designers have no available platform to save their projects, CV’S etc. My website solves this problem, by offering a free platform to Lebanese designers to create their own projects, share them and communicate with each other.
How it works is you just sign up and begin to create your own project and meet new designers and you can start a chat with them.
So I am asking every designer in Lebanon to join to my community and start this new experience!

Developed by: 
Haidara Souifeh

CV Creator

My final project idea was to create a website that is a free CV generator. What is unique about it is that you can change the layout and theme of the CV yourself and leave out the data types that you don’t need. For example, changing the colour of the headers and texts, changing the font and its size or modifying the sections of the website and creating a unique layout. The data of each user is saved on the website and can be restored and modified at any time. The CV is then generated as a downloadable PDF file.

Developed by: 
Shirak Kevorkian