Codi B05 champions

In December 2019, we've welcomed our 5th group of students 👬 to Codi 🎉! This is our biggest cohort ever and we are so excited 🤟 to begin a new adventure with them all 🤓.

Each week, we will share some of our new students stories in the hope of inspiring more people in Lebanon to join Codi 💪.

Sandra's story

Sandra having lunch on the Codi balcony with her new colleagues

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Sandra and I hold a Master’s degree in electro-mechanical engineering. Throughout my journey of many internships and job opportunities, I realized the importance of coding and programming in these modern times, where coding is arguably one of the most important skills for the current and future generations. This intrigued me greatly and led me to participate in this new experience at Codi.

When I first joined Codi, I was shocked by the joyful environment that was presented, something I honestly did not expect. I was vastly impressed by the atmosphere, it holds both a professional vibe and a friendly feel.

Let me start by explaining why I think programming is important. We are constantly surrounded with electronic devices each running uncountable numbers of software that run on code of some kind. Our modern world is also heavily reliant on the internet with workforce being required to become more and more computer literate every year.

What I particularly like about Codi is the mental challenge that it presents, but also which comes with endless possibilities of being able to conceive new ideas and bringing them to life.

Codi has also influenced me hugely as a person. It is more than just learning programming, it is a lifestyle. I'm learning efficient ways of researching and planning on my own. In addition to this, I have discovered the importance of teamwork, especially when the members are from different backgrounds, each member contributes something new each and every day.

This entire experience has acted on me at a personal level. It has improved my analysis skills and boosted my level of critical thinking. My work has become more accurate and acute, I have looked further into details of each job given to me, and with it I have become a much more patient person. I believe now that perfection deserves time and energy.

I believe that after this experience, I will be able to handle more fierce and complicated projects. I am very eager to widen my experience in this field and approach new opportunities. Thanks to Codi, now I hold the essential knowledge and enthusiasm that I desired!

Karim's story

Karim working hard at Codi!

I was never interested in anything related to computer science, never for a minute did I think that I would end up being a programmer!

Throughout my years I’ve explored many fields that piqued my interest. At first I began studying psychology to become a doctor but then my parents steered me into studying business at LAU. To be honest I greatly disliked it, so I decided that I need to change my career path once again. I dropped out of LAU to try to achieve one of my greatest dreams, a professional gamer and streamer. I put a lot of effort and time into it and it surprisingly paid off, I was grinding to the top of leagues and ended up getting myself signed to many different international professional teams. Unfortunately the internet in Lebanon is absolutely horrible, so I couldn’t end up streaming, which was a big let down, eventually the games I played died out and I couldn’t carry on my reputation and supporters (since I couldn’t stream).

One day my mum showed me this flyer for a free six-month coding course. The first thought that came to my mind was the biggest and loudest NO WAY!!!!!!!!! But then I asked myself why not? I mean I’d already tried a million things, why should I not take this opportunity? As much as I hated the idea of working as a programmer for the rest of my life, I thought to myself, sometimes the thing that I’m looking for most is found in the last place I look.

So I said YES! I prepared myself for a hellish journey, but once I got started into life at Codi, it wasn’t bad at all. The class is very friendly and extremely caring, we are like one big family, no one is ever left behind, and we all go through the struggles and challenges together.

Most importantly at the end of the day, coding is fun, in fact, I have even begun to enjoy it! I have found many opportunities where I can create and showcase my creativity. I don’t regret my decision to join Codi one bit, I’m now in it to win it and it really feels like it will all be worth it.

Rudy's story

Rudy in his first week at Codi.

I would like to start off by saying that I am a person with no technical background nor do I have a degree in Computer Science. My knowledge only extends to what is available out there in the software market (mostly in graphic design and accounting software).

Codi came highly recommended to me during a UX design internship, where at that time I became interested in learning more and more about coding and application development. I was told that this would be the perfect programme for me to try and get into if I wanted to pursue a serious career in Web Development.

It has only been my first week here so far but I have already come to realize that Codi is living up to its expectations. I have already learnt so much and have a much clearer understanding of new technical things, as well as acquiring a new way of thinking.

The mentors are wonderful and attentive and have shown us a professional approach to their methods, especially in the way that they advise you throughout the day and all the exercises. We have a great Head Director, whom to my knowledge, is always available to hear us out if we got any issues or problems. The rest of the staff as a team brighten up your day and have done nothing but made us feel welcome and provided us with a heart warming environment.

All this and I am yet to mention the exceptional selection of students who I am sharing this journey with, each and every one has their own unique and distinguishable personalities.

I will end this by saying that it truly feels good to be here at Codi's BOOTCAMP! It can make a person see that it is FUN to learn, and I am very much looking forward to seeing this through to the end as it looks awesome from the start.

Marwa's story

I always thought that being a programmer was only for geniuses, and that I could never enter it as a major, however I was just so curious to see what coding is all about.

So I started researching and reading and falling more and more in love with coding, and then my sister-in-law, who's a programmer herself, knowing that I was searching for a boot-camp, sent me a link to the Codi application form. I applied at once, without even thinking that I already have a job and that I would have to change my whole life if I got accepted!

When I received an email saying that I have passed the first stage of the application process I was equally happy and scared, if I got accepted I would be unemployed, however I knew I would be building myself a better future.

Then I thought of my niece and how if I went to Codi, and started to learn programming and eventually even get a job in the tech sector, she would see that nothing is impossible. She wouldn't need to think that there are jobs only for "men" and others for "women", she'd know that anything and everything is possible!

I'm so grateful I'm at Codi now and I’m so eager to learn, I am hungry for more information and I can't wait to see myself in 6 months time!!!

Marwa in the classroom at Codi

📸 by the wonderful Cristina Cabasés Vega