B05's hiking Adventure!

This week's blog has been written collectively by our current students in an English Language Masterclass.

Codi announced to us that in a week we would be going on a hiking trip to Arsoun as a reward for our hard work on our projects. We were all excited about the trip since it would be a day out of Codi where we could rest our minds from coding and tech, and also get to enjoy nature.

Most of the interns at Codi were so happy about this hike that they arrived on time only to find out that they were tricked to be brought there at 8:30 a.m, but the bus arrived at 9:30 a.m.

Laura told us not to worry about the footwear since we would not be needing hiking shoes for this trip but little did we know that Laura would be wrong.

Everyone was excited to go on the trip, so we all arrived on time. The weather was sunny and very suitable to go for a hike! While waiting for the bus to arrive, we enjoyed each other’s company and took unforgettable group photos with huge smiles on our faces. When the bus arrived, we all cheered and clapped happily. The party started when we first stepped on the bus, everyone started singing and dancing, despite the DJ not delivering the music we expected.

When we got off the bus, we were astonished by the nature and mind-blown by how fantastic Arsoun is. While roaming in the forest some people were slipping due to the muddy nature of the ground, and they were not equipped with special shoes for hiking. Others were singing and dancing. Also there was a lesson where some of us taught Rex and Laura how to dance “Dabke”. As we were walking all over the place we suddenly saw a goatherd with lovely goats who ate all the grass in the area.

Before we left Arsoun, we took a group picture, and it was the last photo we took with Michel, because he’s not with us anymore.

On our way back, although we were all exhausted from the long trip, most of us were still excited, dancing and using the last bit of their energy. Even Samar joined the dance. But the rest of us took naps on the bus to restore their energy. Even though the mentors promised us to be back in Codi at 3, the bus arrived at Gemmayze at 4. But no-one complained because we were all enjoying our time and did not want to go back to work. When we went back to Codi, some people left and some stayed to have pizza and falafel with the mentors.

All in all, it was really an astonishing experience to go on a hiking trip in Codi after spending three months working hard. However it would have been better if we started the trip earlier because we could all have sat together at the end of the trip and had our lunch. Moreover, it would have been more appropriate if we had worn hiking boots because some places were slippery.

But most of all, we enjoyed our time together as a team in Codi. We hope Codi arranges another hiking event to explore the beauty of nature in Lebanon.

Thank you to the Lebanese Explorers for guiding us!! @Lebaneseexplorers