B05 Champion - Anthony

Life had never been that good, until I was accepted into Codi. I'm so glad I'm a part of the family and never felt more grateful for what they're providing us with. The mentors pursue every single student constantly, checking in and making sure we are all on the right track.

I come from a background in MIS, and all the things that are being introduced to us throughout this bootcamp are on another level, a few that comes to mind; Having a good grip of the latest technologies used in the tech field, problem solving, out of the box communication skills and teamwork and most importantly how to learn independently. 

You will face lots of roadblocks throughout this journey, however, you are taught how to overcome them all and to keep pushing, how to not shy away from asking for help, how to learn from your failures, and how to keep on grinding day in and day out.

Despite the current situation in our country, Codi team has never stopped pushing us, we are working remotely as if nothing has ever changed.

I am a better version of myself thanks to Codi and to all the mentors that are still working day and night to make this possible, and also thank you to all the people operating behind the scenes.

I really cannot describe how fruitful this journey has been for me so far, and I hope Codi will grow to reach all of those who are willing to take their lives towards somewhere better.