B05 Champion - Mohamad

Tripoli has always been neglected. It's so sad that there are not alot of companies there to apply to, and the ones that are there are very limited and not well paid. Before I discovered and applied to Codi, I had spent everyday applying for many internships,  visiting different companies and sending emails but none of them ever replied.

Therefore I decided to move from Tripoli to Codi, which was offering me an opportunity to join them. However first, I had to go to Codi for an interview, even though it is really far from my home, I had no other choice.

When I first arrived at Codi, I couldn’t believe how friendly the atmosphere was, I really enjoyed it and I couldn’t wait to get accepted.

When I received the acceptance email and since the first day, I haven’t felt the long road that I take each day at all and I have started to enjoy it alot. It was sad to not meet another person from Tripoli there however we are a family there and no one is left behind.

3 months have passed and those 3 months are equal to my entire education career so far. I have learnt how to learn independently, deal with people, responsibility and organisation. Really Codi is the best thing that has happened to me, I recommend that people from all over Lebanon (no matter how far it is) go and get the Codi experience too.

Now I believe when I finish I will apply to companies but this time they will need me and want me because of the experience and education I have got from Codi.

Of course a special thanks goes to all the mentors for making us see a bright side of the future, despite the darkness that we have in Lebanon.

Live Love Codi