B05 Champion - Zeinab

After several attempts, I finally got accepted for a job interview.

I started by introducing myself, I’m Zeinab Kassem, I studied Computer Science at the Lebanese university.

They seemed satisfied until they realised I didn’t have any work experience. I returned home disappointed asking myself several questions such as: were my answers wrong? How can I get some more experience? What are the languages you need to learn to start working as a developer?

A few months later, I found Codi and started the ball rolling to join their 6-month web development programme. Codi leads you on the right road to find your dreams. It is not only a bootcamp that teaches us to become a full stack developer, it is my new developer family.

Thank you Codi for making our lives shine, just like the Codi logo. I appreciate every valuable teaching from the passionate mentors who have all exceeded our expectations.

Thanks to God, I am so lucky to have such an experience and that I am able to “code my passion”.