Why I chose Codi, B05 Champion - Akram

Why Codi?

After I  graduated from university with a major in Computer Science I started looking for a job that would be suitable for me, so I searched and found Codi on the internet. At the beginning I thought it was just an educational institution so I applied directly on Codi's website. I finished 300 points in FreeCodeCamp (which is a prerequisite for entry in Codi) and we started Codi Cohort 5.

In Codi the teaching method was surprising it was a new method to me. We started on the first day when I met the mentors.  I will talk about everyone individually:

Joseph (the leading person who works on the interests of the students and intervenes in a timely manner and supports them)

Laura (she has responsibility to spread relevant information to all of us)

Samar (she told me that she teaches in universities, but what she gives is much more)

Gaby (keys, he is always ready to help and sometimes offers more than help)

Rex (English, English and English he makes you speak English even with yourself)

Khaldoun (newly entered the world of Codi but he is a dictionary in php)

Codi has two principles: self-education, and education as a team to prepare the students for entering the work directly. So it is not only education in programming and coding.

Although there are a lot of complex code and errors, the days are fast because the time at Codi is fun and interesting.

We started our first project: by coincidence the first project was about sweets. The best thing we learned was to take responsibility of our own work and be programmers, web designers, marketers and other things all within one project.

I consider this thing one of the strongest points that made Codi better than other coding schools. In my opinion, Codi is one of the best educational institutions in Lebanon. Due to the corona-virus pandemic, there is nothing impossible with Codi: now we are working remotely, however at Codi we are a family and we solve any problems that we’re facing altogether.

After such a successful experiment I hope Codi continues. Codi is better than any university, especially for those who are searching for real work and the requirements of modern education.

Finally I thank everyone in the Codi family from the bottom of my heart.