Why Codi is essential for your Web Development career :)

Written by Abdulkader, B05 Codi champion

Over 4 billion people use the internet, and over 5 billion internet searches are made per day on Google alone.

The society and businesses worldwide have moved into the digital age. With the internet becoming increasingly important, websites have become a requirement for modern life. You already know that behind every successful website is a great web developer, right? Codi is one of the best bootcamps that will put you on the right path and open the doors for you  into the world of web development.

No matter how old you are, no matter what you have or haven't studied, Codi will always consider you if you prove and display eagerness and enthusiasm.

“The first step to getting somewhere you want to go is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

This motivational quote made me take a scary step and change my career to learn web development. It was a scary step but what was scarier was the thought that I would regret never having made this step at all.

So I had to do it and apply to Codi and prove to them that I was excited and ready to start my new career as a web developer, even though I did not have a technical degree. Codi’s bootcamp is so far an exciting adventure that helped me not only develop my coding skills but also my personal and English skills as well.

Are you interested in technology? Are you motivated to start a new adventure? Do you want to learn coding from zero to hero? What are you waiting for; join Codi’s 6 months internship and launch your new career today!