How and Why I Chose Codi

Written by B05 Champion, Malak

I am the girl who had a computer science degree and didn’t know much about programming.

I always used to regret this fact and my friends always asked me why I did this major if I didn't love it. They didn’t actually know at this point that I loved programming.

However sometimes the circumstances of life don't allow us to do and practice everything we love. In addition to that there was a lot of pressure at uni so I unfortunately had to pass the courses just to pass them and not to learn. 

I was always interested in teaching so I applied for an educational technology masters and I was happy to be accepted. Meanwhile I heard about a six-month boot-camp for programming which I also applied for. So it was time to choose between increasing my programming skills or continuing to do my master's degree. In the end, I chose to do both of them, however I was very afraid of not being able to manage my time between Codi and uni so I gave priority to Codi, and in second place came my masters.

The adventure began, and every day from 9 to 5 I am at Codi then I straight to university until 8pm, it is a really big challenge, but after all I have adapted. I often ask myself how and why I adapted and realize now it’s because of the ambiance of Codi: the mentors are really helpful when we need them: Samar, Gaby, Omar and Khaldoun, who all try their best to make us the best programmers ever.

My skills in English are increasing too because of Rex, our English teacher (that's why I have surprised myself writing this blog), there's also Laura who smiles all the time and gives us positive vibes, and don't forget Joseph, our serious director who listens to our problems without suffering. Also, there are my colleagues who are becoming day by day my second family.

So how can I say that I don't love programming when I am surrounded by such a warm and understanding environment? I am really blessed that I am a member of Codi, and finally I can now say with pride that I have a Computer Science degree because of Codi, "my second home.”