My First Few Days at Codi

Written by B06 Champion, Manal. Manal is one of the 13 inspirational women in our current cohort

Before I arrived at Codi, I had already met some of the other students online through the challenge we did as a group while applying to Codi. However, I still thought it would take me a lot of time to get accustomed with everybody there, but it turned out to be so easy; the overall atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.

We connected and got to know each other in such a little time.

This was mainly due to the challenges we had as a whole class. The situation in hand was a bunch of people who didn’t know each other bumping their heads against the wall and making mistakes together to get the task done. I mean if that doesn’t make you bond together, I don’t know what will!

On the first day, we got to put together the rules and agreements we will abide by throughout the journey. We also got a general look at the 6-week Prairie program and the processes we will have to finish to collect enough keys as a whole class in order to qualify to the next stage (let’s keep it between us but collecting keys isn’t as easy as losing them). Afterwards, we were split into small groups and had to present something interesting we knew about; this revealed lots of talents and we had so much fun speed typing, making holograms and Origami, learning self-defense and playing the Cello.

Then the biggest challenge we had was installing an Operating System (PS: Don’t try this at home ;p). All these experiences had made us work together as a hive and get to know and help one another.

This made it feel a little like a small new home and a big new family! We are still yet to face several challenges together and get over many bumps on the way.

Stay posted for more fun along our journey!