Congratulations.... then what?

Written by B06 Champion, Hamida. Hamida writes about her fear of graduating from University and the relief of finding Codi.

Graduating is not all sunshine and rainbows. Graduating students face several fears of problems such as not being able to find a job or never finding passion in the field they chose because they are mostly scared to take risks.

Fear starts creeping in when it seems like everyone else has it all figured out while all you have is an expensive piece of paper to wipe your tears with. It will not take so long until you reach a conclusion that everyone faces some type of struggle after graduating.

This happened to me too as a recent graduate when I started questioning my future and all my previous decisions. As someone who is passionate and believes that we all have to gauge available opportunities and go through different paths to finally reach our destination when we are finally satisfied and have it all figured out.

I applied to Codi as a part of the process of finding my passion and trying something that may turn out to be what I have been looking for. At first glance, Codi seemed to me to be as a place that offers coding courses. However, throughout my experience I can assure you that it is something more than that: it is a stimulating environment where you not only learn coding but you learn skills that will serve you for life.

Normally, it is challenging to finish countless tasks and meet deadlines but at Codi where you are working under the supervision of inspiring mentors and teaming up with people who are not just your colleagues but people whom you feel like you have known forever, it feels different. At Codi, you learn the required skills to become a full-stack web developer, the proper use of English, and many more skills such as self-learning, teamwork, time management, communication and public speaking skills. During this experience, I realized that every path you take will add tons of useful skills that will serve the process of finding your purpose.

Finally, no matter where you are and what you do I strongly advise you to try every possible path and never surrender whatever the circumstances. You will somehow encounter many endeavors until you reach your ultimate goal and it will be rewarding and worth all the wait.