My journey from Codi's Computer Literacy to Full-Stack Web Dev course

Written by B06 Champion, Rebecca. Rebecca is the first student to go from our 2-month Computer Literacy programme, directly into our 6-month Full-Stack Web Dev programme.

Codi is a free programming school based in Lebanon that supports currently unemployed young people with  little academic background, students who have a passion for computer science and can’t afford traditional universities.

  It’s been almost two months since I joined them and my journey with Codi is getting more exciting, where I am introduced to a computer literacy course.

My English has gotten much better by understanding the roots of the grammar and because the mentors, willingly, give all the support that is needed. Let’s not forget the big range of computer information and techniques which I believe would be very useful.

What I like the most is the caring environment that leads to successful understanding between students and mentors and what they created between students because they are from everywhere with different traditions and cultures.

Sadly after the blast that happened on the 4th of August, it was a nightmare to be shocked by those six seconds, trying to understand what just happened, cooperating with the things we saw and felt in such a little time. Scared by thinking what might happen to our loved ones, controlling our fears and rushing to the unknown, where we found our beautiful city destroyed, people running around chasing after their courage and pulling together all the power to help. We lost one of our positive actions that nearly all our hope relies on, which is Codi. But we will rise from the ashes again and rebuild our city and our dreams. In less than a month, the Codi team has managed to rebuild our hopes and we are back on track, stronger, refusing to allow anything to stand in the way of our future.

With Codi, I have been able to be free and accepted by supporters that will embrace my true colours. What’s hard is to accept to back down for any reason, and that when I graduate it will be the time where I’ll be taking my own path, saving all the care and bits of advice in heart and mind. 

A second journey will be reborn where I am an artist full of creativity and strong qualifications that will allow me to embrace my passion. So dreams will be a reality - let’s see where it will lead.

A big thanks to the Codi organization and Codi team - I’m so grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me.