Why I gave up my dream job to join Codi

Written by B06 Champion, Fatima. Fatima is one of the 13 inspirational women we have at Codi in this cohort. She writes about the hardship of being a woman and following her dreams.

During my mathematics studies at university, I was the only girl who enjoyed the programming course we had. It was a great feeling learning to plan a code, write it, and see the results directly within my hand. Ever since, I loved coding. Five years passed and the idea of diving more into this field kept triggering in my mind again and again. But, I didn’t have the time.

While I was searching on the internet for coding communities in Lebanon I found Codi Tech. The beloved Codi Tech. I was very interested in the mission of Codi. I’ve always wanted to change my major and study computer science but I couldn’t. Being a participant in Codi’s cohort gives me the chance to develop both web development and leadership skills and prepare me for the job field. 

For me, the admission process was real fun. I got introduced to Codi’s incredible team. Being around people who are always smiling and having important but delightful conversations with each other, made me sure that if I got accepted I would have a whole new family.  The good news is … Yes! I did get accepted. 

It’s magnificent how I got along with all my colleagues the first time we met. All of them are supportive, good listeners, helpful, energetic, enthusiastic and unique. Learning through experiencing and cooperative learning are two of the newest and most effective teaching methodologies. I am experiencing their effect on reality with Codi. The first 2 weeks were very challenging but extremely informative. The challenges pushed me to learn how to search and learn by myself, ask a colleague for help, and mix them with what I already knew to reach a point where I submit the challenge successfully. 

I got a job offer to teach at the school that was my dream school to teach at. I gave up everything because I found my passion. Web development is my new passion and Codi is the door that allowed me enter this path.