My Short Life Story

Written by B06 Champion, Mario, he writes about his personal journey to joining Codi and his experience so far.

Unfortunately for all of us the COVID 19 lockdown was a disadvantage. However I tried to extract the best out of it by doing what I love the most: by this I mean coding, and there is no better place to code than Codi.

Unable to find a decent job due to the economic situation and due to the lack of experience I have in the field, when I first heard about Codi’s program I really got motivated and so far it is going well for me and for my career.

Unable to foresee any silver lining in the nearest future due to everything that is happening around us, and specially due to the catastrophic event on the 4th of August which was a disaster from which some of us still haven’t recovered, and which makes me sad and angry at the same time, I feel sad for my beloved country and all the souls we’ve lost.

I believe most of you will agree with me on the following questions: “What’s next?! Where to go? How should I manage to build a safe future?” Well, it became too hard to achieve without a bachelor degree in Computer Science yet and no job to pay for my academic expenses, so for that reason Codi seems to be the perfect “plan” and I consider myself lucky to be part of its team.

As for my experience with Codi after three months of its intensive and well-structured program, I find myself on the correct path and I am sure that after successfully completing the boot camp, I will be able to find a job that fulfills my ambitions and I am sure that it will be a kick start for a successful career.