Now I Can Breathe

Written by B06 Champion, Jihad. Jihad is a wonderful writer and his powerful and inspirational words will leave you with a shiver down your spine! 

If I had to write these lines a few weeks ago, they would be soaked in darkness and fear, but now my words are shining.

With every day passed, the blackness ate a bite of my heart. Only one single part resisted falling to its knees. This is what supplies me with oxygen, hope, smiles, and patience. This is where belief lives.

It doesn't matter how confident you are. When your hands are tied as you see your dreams shrink from changing the world to survive the day, depression will knock on your door. It will never get in unless you give up believing.

Nights are long and cold, but indeed the sun will rise again. I always hear it whispered in my ear, every time I feel down. As if it wants me to know that something is coming to turn my life upside down and blow the dust off my dreams, so I kept waiting. It seems that Codi is what I was waiting for.

You may be wondering what power does Codi own to turn someone's life upside down? Youth are diamonds in the rough. All they need is someone to believe in them and lead them to the right way to activate their power and creativity, and shine. It is about taking out the power buried underground. That is what Codi is about.

The knowledge earned during my university studies wasn't enough to make me employable. So I took the self-learning path. I spent months studying what I thought might be useful. I decorated my CV with a bunch of frameworks and programming languages, and I tailored my cover letter when applying to jobs. And yet, no company has bothered to give me a ring. I had no clue what I was missing and what I should do. No one answered my questions. My queries have turned to spears stabbing into my self-confidence, and the day after today it became like a big mountain lying on my chest.  I felt as if I couldn't breathe. 

But now I can breathe.