Me and Codi's Dream Team

Written by B06 Champion, Ali. M, he writes about how he found out about Codi, whilst also giving his assessment of each of the Codi team!

Whoever said that “it always seems impossible until it’s done” has not met Codi yet.

My name’s Ali Maksoud. I graduated from university with a major in Management Information Systems? in 2017 and started a job as IT and Agent Support in an ISP Company. I have been working for 3 years and I have got a lot of experience but I am not satisfied with myself and feel I want to be more productive and efficient and reach the dream job that I want to achieve. But I have continued working because there were no other job opportunities until I met my new colleague Anthony who joined us late in 2019. He was in Cohort 5 at Codi and told me about his experience and what he’s learning and working on at Codi, and advised me to join in the next cohort.

In 2020 that’s what happened: I have joined Codi and I didn’t expect that Codi would be as great as I heard about. However I was afraid of not being able to manage my time between Codi and my work, so I gave priority to Codi because I want to be a Full Stack web developer.

The adventure began, and every day from 9 to 5 I attended Codi, then I went straight to my work until 12 am and some days until 1 am, which is a really big challenge but it became easy because of the ambiance of Codi with such great mentors who are really helpful and all try their best to make us the best web developers ever with a professional English level.

Our English teacher, Rex. He always catches me when I speak Arabic and forces me to speak English. He has a British accent. He’s amazing and helps us a lot in English and is preparing us to sit the IELTS.

Laura with her beautiful smile. I call her “My Queen”. She's always trying to find great workshops around the world to give us a whole new life skills experience.

Samar no word can describe her. She’s brilliant, amazing, wonderful, supports you in everything from A to Z (of course if you only drink coffee), loves cats and uses ARCH Linux.

Our supreme leader, our Boss, the keys deductor, Khaldoun, Master in PHP (if you don’t like PHP, don’t talk to him), an amazing person who helps and supports you and makes you an expert in everything. And don't forget Joseph, our director who listens to our problems without suffering. Also, there are my colleagues who are becoming day by day my second family.

I am really blessed that I am a member of Codi and have this big opportunity to meet such beautiful people and learn new skills and get a whole amazing experience. I am glad and feeling more comfortable and productive. Moreover, now I am ready to work as a full stack web developer as a freelancer or employed.

Finally, thank you Codi, thank you everyone, and now I can say: “It always seems impossible until you join Codi ”.