Regret? I Prefer Progress…

Written by B06 Champion, Farah, she writes about her job in Sales pre-Codi and why she left it to make a life-changing decision and join Codi instead! 

Exactly 6 months ago I took a life-changing decision, leaving my well-paid job as a salesperson just to join Codi in the middle of the economic crisis and Covid 19 pandemic where everyone is sticking to their job. Crazy right? Well, that’s what my family and friends think. But let me tell you how I see it. 

As a senior, I’m already employed. I have nothing to worry about after university such as looking for a job or applying to every open vacancy like my friends. I just have all the time I need to finish that series I’ve always wanted to watch, or to go out all day and night with my friends trying new stuff, or just lying in bed all the time after work. Life is just getting better. How amazing is this? But NO!

If I just do this, I will be stuck in an infinite loop where I will lose my skills gradually and will be stuck in this position forever with no progress because this is my comfort zone and I feel secure getting paid by the end of the month (even if this role does not satisfy my passion and it’s irrelevant to my major). “Is this what you want?” I asked myself and I realized there are much better things to do than just selling people nothing but lies. 

Have you ever imagined yourself ruling the world? It feels nice satisfying our ego. But this is acutely how you feel when you are coding, you feel like you can own the world only by pressing a button. That’s why I joined Codi. NOT for ruling the world or anything but for fulfilling my passion where I can learn new stuff each day and do a lot of practice and improve.

Codi gives you all that you need to start your career as a developer. It provides you with all the support and resources along with a professional experience. It’s a safe environment where you meet many people who share the same interests as you and you can fail and make mistakes and learn from them. You can also learn from others’ mistakes to reach the level where you have the skill set you need to pass any interview for any position you want or even start your own freelancing business.

For me, Codi was the best decision I have ever made, and I will never regret it. I realized that the time invested in ourselves is never time wasted: rather, it is a life-shaping process. What are you waiting for? Start investing in yourself today and worry about the money tomorrow… Well by joining Codi of course!