Oyster Remote Ready Programme

Being a student at Codi’s coding Bootcamp in Lebanon means having access to a large array of courses and workshops that not only teach you to become a web developer but also enhance your life skills.

After completing our Full-Stack Web development programme in Beirut two of our B06 students, Maher H and Nour S, joined Oyster’s workshop to learn all the best strategies related to remote work. As web developers they are both considering working remotely, taking on web development projects in Lebanon and abroad to diversify their portfolios and meet people’s needs anywhere in the world. 

For a while now, and especially since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, we have reconsidered our ways of working. For over a year, all those whose jobs allow them to, have been working from home. Even now, in countries that have lifted lockdowns, some companies are still giving their employees the choice to go to the office or not.

Coronavirus aside, remote working does have its advantages when it comes to opportunities. What if the perfect candidate lived across continents from the company that wanted to hire him/her? What if that person really wanted to collaborate with a company but could not move?

Today, while physical borders between countries are closed, other virtual borders are opening, allowing individuals with complementary skills to meet.

Oyster is bridging the gap between geographically separated individuals through its platform, giving them a space to meet online and start a professional journey together.

Following its mission, Oyster gave Codi students the opportunity to join the workshop along with 120 other members from 17+ different countries, the majority of them working in the tech industry.

For a month, Maher, Nour and all other participants learned, through independent but tailored courses, to improve their remote work collaboration and communications strategies using tools such as Zoom, Slack, Miro and other similar platforms that aim at making work as organized and efficient as can be.

“I learned that some meetings can be avoided and that sometimes an email can be enough, especially when collaborating with a globally-distributed team.” Nour S

They also learned the different steps for getting a job:

  • 1) Building the resume
  • 2) Optimizing their LinkedIn profile
  • 3) How to prepare for an interview
  • 4) How to negotiate the salary and other benefits

Those were followed up by a live workshop every Monday for an hour where they would go over everything they had learned in previous sessions and discuss any assignments they were given. 

Working remotely can be both overwhelming and isolating. They learned how to take care of themselves by managing their time and creating a pleasant work environment to maintain their sanity and motivation. 

“I joined the Oyster workshop because my Codi certificate allows me to pursue a career in web development from anywhere in the world. I can develop websites and applications independently and remotely and everything I have learned from this one-month mentorship can be applied to my coming needs almost without exception.” Maher H 


Thank you so much, Oyster for this opportunity. Our students have already started to put into practice what they learned.