Hilal's experience at Codi Tripoli so far

Hi everyone, first of all I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about ourselves. I appreciate that a lot.

I want to share a part of my experience at Codi bootcamp with you and am very proud to do this and to be evolving through this new experience in my life. 

"Applying to Codi's bootcamp was a new step in my career and an amazing opportunity for me."

I'm Hilal Masri, I'm 20 years old, from Tripoli Lebanon.

Right now, we are on the right path to becoming the best developers we can possibly be. We are currently finishing up with prarie - the initial stage of the bootcamp - which involved learning the basics of html, ans, css, Javascript sql...computerplus front and back end libraries, and frameworks.

During this time we have learned how to manage our time and acquired new skills such as English, which I am working on and improving a lot.

Codi is helping me to develop my skills to be better and better; even if you haven't any background in programming, they will help you to master whatever you want.

Now, I am working on a Javascript animation on my own, all from skills I learned at Codi. I am really passionate about Codi, and looking forward to starting the main project.

I wanted to thank Codi for giving me the chance to show my skills, and for accepting me as their student in this bootcamp. 

"If you have passion for programming, you should go for it and apply to Codi's next bootcamp. Do not miss this chance! Even if you have faced a lot of problems in programming, do not ever back down and keep going forward and chase your dreams!"


By Hilal Masri, T01 Student.