Higson Foundation Mentorship

One of Codi's B06 superstars, Mohammad writes about his new mentoring programme with the Higson foundation.  

Higson is a foundation based in the UK that believes in the importance of investing in people. Their main focus is to work on individuals or teams to make them feel as comfortable, engaged, and motivated as possible, to enhance their productivity and grow their businesses. 

Before Codi, I didn’t know that Higson or such people-centred investment centres existed. Codi informed us that there is a 6-month programme offered by a foundation based in the UK, which aims at helping individuals to have a better mindset and develop their skills.

The program consists of 6 workshops and 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions spanned over 6 months under the following topics: developing a growth mindset, improving productivity, improving communication, developing public speaking skills and confidence, understanding behaviour styles, and being radically candid.

I was really excited to take part in the programme as it is very beneficial. It really helped me a lot in developing my skills and even improving myself as a person. At Higson, I am learning how to become more confident, think in a better way, manage my time, take care of my health, and develop a unique and very helpful lifestyle for continuous success in the future.

 The workshops are priceless and the mentoring sessions are extraordinary. I would recommend everyone to join because we, as programmers, can have excellent technical skills, which we concentrate on the most. However, other skills matter too and they aren’t less important, so we must concentrate on enhancing our public speaking skills, developing a growth mindset, building more confidence, etc... which will help us be more productive in our daily work.

Thank you Higson foundation for this one-of-a-kind experience. I cannot wait to see what we will be learning next.