Our Partners

Codi works with a variety of partners across the private and public sectors to deliver a best in class programme for our students.

With support ranging from outreach and recruiting, to content and methodology across our curriculum, to software / hardware equipment, we are able to deliver a truly comprehensive programme; best preparing our students to the job market.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please get in touch with the team!

Become a Partner


Codi colaborates with a number of organisations across the public, private and NGO sectors to promote Codi among their communities. There are plenty of ways to contribute, from distributing flyers to hosting information sessions for potential students, or even to post on social media! Our partners help us identify youth with potential and strongly passionate towards the digital and tech industries, but who unfortunately cannnot follow a formal education due to socio-economic circumstances.

We are tremendously grateful for the support of our current partners who supported us for the recruitment of our first ever cohort! Live at the moment! For more information e-mail info@codi.tech

Content & Delivery

Our content and delivery partners are the reason our programme is truly unique. We have partnered with leading firms in the ecosystem across the portoflio of skills taught at Codi to deliver a relevant and truly empowering programme targeted towards building a sustainable career.

Across our Life Skills portfolio, we have partnered with select organisations to deliver a strong learning experience for our students. From digital project management, to acing a pitch or interview, to best practices in managing your own finances; we are working with market leaders to train on the most relevant skillset.

If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities in more detail, please reach out to the team! info@codi.tech


As a non-profit organization, our success and continuity is made possible through the support and kind generosity of our donors and financial partners. Please get in touch with the team if you would like to make a donation at info@codi.tech.

Our Partners

If you're interested in becoming a partner, get in touch by filling the form below!