The Web Development Programme

Our Core Web Development programme has a comprehensive curriculum which focuses on coding and digital skills for full-stack web development (JavaScript focus) however we have also dedicated a portion of the programme to include English and key Life Skills (e.g. communication and interpersonal skills, CV writing, interview coaching, entrepreneurship skills, financial literacy, industry discovery workshops, etc.).

The Curriculum

This programme focuses on modern, versatile and ever changing digital technologies. The Web is at the core of what we do, indeed web technologies run everywhere: from Windows 10 apps to the ISS (International Space Station) shuttle, smart vacuums, fridges, Lego toys, as well as, of course, websites and mobile applications. Codi focuses on shaping productive, self-learning and quality, programming talent. Programmers never stop learning, and we are putting our students on that continuous development track, from which to build a sustainable career on.

Codi seeks to create autonomous thinkers and problem solvers: ready, willing and able to continuously take their knowledge to the next level and further their self-learning. Our teaching aims to provide a solid JavaScript, HTML and CSS foundation, allowing them to tackle any front-end challenge.

We also provide our students with a comprehensive working knowledge of server side technologies and the web tech ecosystem, from new fancy techs (e.g. React, MongoDB) to old veterans (e.g. Node, MySQL, vanilla JavaScript).

Finally, our students also acquire some practical knowledge of important industry tools such as how to manage a Linux server, how to use SSH and WordPress, as well as acquaintance with build and testing tools.

Javascript, at the center of this architecture, is a multifaceted language that integrates many paradigms from other coding languages, making it an ideal introductory tool (while remaining a very viable language for professional development).

Technologies :
Front-end: Javascript, HTML, CSS (and preprocessors), Frameworks (React)
Back-end: Node, PHP, SQLite, MongoDb, MariaDb, Frameworks (Express, Laravel)

Tools :
Git, Github, Bash & Command line tools, Arch Linux, Text Editors (Sublime, Vim, VsCode), build tools (Webpack, Babel, Browserify)


English is taught throughout the programme to lead students to written and oral proficiency in communicating in English. Language will no longer be a barrier to success! We focus on teaching business level English, through presentation practice, interview prep and email etiquette.

Life Skills

At Codi, we believe that a well-rounded education includes a key set of Life Skills in order to develop an emotional intelligence. As an important part of our comprehensive programme, we include courses focused on building our students’ comprehensive portfolio of core Life skillset (e.g. personality and brand building, communication, pitching and presenting, career planning, project management, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.)

All Life Skills are developed with our partners to ensure Codi students are empowered with the right set of skills to succeed in a professional environment.

We are always looking to develop our Life Skills curriculum, if you would like to run a workshop for our students, please get in touch :).

Apply to the Programme

Applications for Cycle 7 are now open, starting in March 2021.

Are you over 17 years old, very motivated, passionate about all things digital and have an appetite to work in teams? (You do not need any prior digital skills or a computer science degree). Apply now!

The application is made of two steps :

  • Step 1 : Online application

    1. The applications for Cycle 7 are now open : there is an online form to fill in and points to earn on Freecodecamp (guidance in the application form ;-))
  • Step 2 : Interviews

    If your application is accepted, you will be invited to a face to face interview.