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Note: Applications for the Codi Core programme (6 months) starting in February 2024 in Beirut and Tripoli

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Codi is a leading digital active learning ecosystem, fostering lifelong learners and driving positive impact in communities. Our Core program combines coding bootcamps and leadership training to empower marginalized youth, equipping them with essential skills for the global Tech workforce. With a focus on inclusivity, we have transformed over 300 lives in Lebanon, with an employment rate exceeding 85%, including 35% women and 22%+ refugees. Our ambition is to sustain and scale our Core operations while expanding our global learning offerings.
Join us in shaping a brighter future through transformative education.


Applications for Tripoli and Beirut for our Core Web Development programme are now open!

Are you over 17 years old, very motivated, passionate about all things digital and have an appetite to work in teams? (You do not need any prior digital skills or a computer science degree).

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Souad A.

Cohort 2

At Codi, I met a large number of people from my fellow students in the cohort, to teachers and guest trainers. Each of them helped me learn more about programming and its challenges as well as helping me achieve a clearer perspective about my plan and goals in life. I worked on a great number of projects that are aimed to help people and formed long-lasting friendships at Codi.

Bashar Francis

Bashar F.

Cohort 4

I have completed the course at Codi and really enjoyed doing it.
I will forever cherish the experiences and skills that I gained from this bootcamp. I feel so fortunate that I had everyone at Codi to assist me in finding new job opportunities and preparing me for my first job. I don’t know where I would be without their support and guidance!
The course was very informative and provided some thought-provoking questions for me to ask myself.
Codi really helped me figure out what direction I wanted to go in in the future and now I have a job as a Software Developer!

DSC00555 (1)

Raed N.

Cohort 4

Joining Codi was a life changing decision in my career. What distinguishes them is the diversity in the learning process. You aquire a variety of skills from programming, career tips and employment, whilst all working in a very friendly environment. Receiving job offers post graduation is an indication of a successful bootcamp that can kickstart your career. When you become a Codi member, you are not part of a workplace, you are part of a family!


Ashraf E-J

Cohort 4

Codi helped me understand how software development works. Thanks to Codi I am more confident now in planning the software projects, understanding the lifecycle of these projects, and assessing the possible risks revolving around implementing software projects. This all helped me get a job offer from my dream company even before I graduated!

William A. Cohort 4 student

William A.

Cohort 4

Joining Codi was a total game changer for me. Codi is the whole reason that helped me enter the game development world and fulfil my dream of becoming a game developer. I truly thank you Codi for creating such amazing opportunities for us.


Mitza H.

Cohort 2

Apart from the main part of the course, we also learned people skill such as how to deal with customers and we participated in many workshops such as entrepreneurship. My own personal favorite workshops were about bank Audi and finance and how to do a speech in front of a large group of people.


Ali O.

Cohort 2

Being a part of the Codi-tech family was a very beneficial and rich experience for me. It offered me opportunities to express myself, learn, gain knowledge and develop my personal and professional skills.


Ahmad K.

Cohort 2

Codi changed the way I thought and provided me with the ‘complete package’ I needed, to pursue my career in the web development field.
Codi’s environment is so flexible and encourages independent learning. They encourage us to ask questions and help each other as a team.

Kevin - Codi Cohort 1

Kevin H.

Cohort 1

Codi’s program is absolutely awesome. It’s the best and fastest way to learn full stack web
development and switch into a career in this domain. In 12 weeks, I learned far more than I was
able to teach myself over a year. The curriculum, the structure, and our amazing teachers make
this one of the most effective code and business learning experiences out there. And the fact
that I can now code my own product or idea from scratch, becoming my own developer,
emphasizing on best practices and clean code, is absolutely amazing. A big thank you for Codi,
for helping us and giving the Lebanese youth hope for a better future.


Chriss H.

Cohort 1

I’ve always been interested in computers since childhood, so I enrolled in Computer Engineering at the university. After spending 3 years in the university and being jobless, applying to Codi was the best decision I have ever made. In the course of less than 4 months, even though I’ve relearned most of the things I learned at the university, Codi gave it more value, because it’s in actual projects and not just pen and paper. For people who can’t afford to go or didn’t have the chance to stay in one or left for whatever reason, Codi is the best alternative since you learn here what you would at the university. I had the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, with no previous knowledge of coding, from different walks of life.

Gaby K.

Cohort 1

I feel so blessed to have found and joined the Codi bootcamp. Before joining Codi, I was finishing my 4th year in university doing BS in computer science. Joining Codi was a big challenge for me, because I had to learn to manage my time wisely. At Codi you learn that code is not the most important thing when building software. Gathering information from the client and being on the same ground with them is the most important thing. We learned using the methodology of Read-Search-Ask and because of this, I must admit that Codi changed my way of thinking. I believe that everyone can write code that machines can understand, but less people know how to write readable code. At Codi, we are succeeding in doing this.