About Us

Demand for skilled human capital for programming and web development in Lebanon is strong and on the rise (ICT and Software sectors growing at 8% + CAGR and thousands of developers are being hired for every year).

This programme, certified by Simplon.co is open to everyone but primarily targeted to unemployed youth, with little academic background, and otherwise marginalised from society. We deliver and ensure quality of education by employing trainers on the ground leveraging a proven methodology to maximise chances of success for our students, who will develop not only coding skills but also have a strong foundation to become future innovation leaders and influencers.

Meet the Team




Hortense co-founded Unicef NEXTGen Europe and currently co-Chairs UK and France committees. NEXTGen is a global Unicef initiative bringing together diverse groups of young professionals, committed to helping transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Hortense was a strategy consultant in Private Equity at the Boston Consulting Group until March 2016. Since then, she founded Codi, the first training centre to foster digital and technical skills for underprivileged youth in Lebanon. Codi’s mission is to use coding and digital skills to enable inclusion and employment, and as a catalyst for social innovation and diversity. Today, there is no avenue for marginalised youth to build a career programming, Codi is creating one.



Director & Head of Operations

Joseph is the Programme Director at Codi, responsible for all operations across Codi activities (incl. Administration & Logistics, IT, Finance & Fundraising, Marketing & Social Media). He is also responsible for relationships with our Employment partners, mainly through project and internship opportunities with current students. Outside Codi, Joseph consults pro-bono as a sales consultant for various software companies.

Joseph is passionate about Codi because he believes in the power of programming as a tool to building a better future and a long term sustainable career. His mission: to inspire and empower.

Before Codi, Joseph worked as an Operations Manager across multiple sectors (IT, Retail, Software) and has over ten years’ experience. He holds a B.Sc. in Management Information Systems and an MBA from AUST (Beirut, Lebanon).



Lead Trainer

Samar is a lead trainer at Codi, responsible for delivering the core competencies needed for web development to the student.

Samar is a freelancer and teaches in several universities the basics of programming and computers. She holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut.

Before Codi, Samar was active in both the technical and academic fields. She held positions in several companies as a project manager, IT manager, and a Web Developer.  She now feels that the best way to convey her knowledge and experience is through teaching.

omar (1)



Omar is a trainer at Codi; responsible for planning, preparing, and delivering coding sessions and exercises using various programming languages. He also helps the students in managing their daily activities and final projects. Omar also takes lead managing all the external training that Codi provides.

Outside Codi, Omar is a senior Computer Science student and a teaching assistant at Lebanese American University, he also has experience in software development, quality assurance, and logistics.


Gaby Karam

Trainer & Project Manager

Gaby is a Trainer & Project Manager at Codi. His responsibilities include preparing and delivering coding sessions and exercises using various programming languages. He also helps the students in managing their daily activities and final projects. Gaby also takes the lead on internal Codi tech projects. Outside Codi, Gaby consults pro-bono as a tech consultant.

Gaby is passionate about Codi because it gives him a chance to share his knowledge in a demographic for whom it can prove life-altering.

Before Codi, Gaby’s career worked as a Digital Producer & Developer for Codi Studio and also on a freelance basis. Gaby’s holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Arts Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon (AUL) and he is a Codi graduate from the original first cohort.